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Pencil Crayon Artwork and Vector Illustrations

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Chapter 1

Pencil Crayon Artwork

The pencil crayon illustrations were inspired by the work of Robert Bateman, a Canadian wildlife artist.

All of the wildlife drawings were completed during my highschool art classes.

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Each of these drawings provided was a chance to try different techniques.

Clockwise from top left; Mixed paint and pencilcrayon, pointillism, and heavy layered mixing.

One of the most difficult problems was to trying to hide all the lines made during planning.

Notice the flaws around the woodpeckers beak as I refined the shape, or an outline sketch that bleads through around the owls left eye.

Using the white of the page as part of the composition required careful planning. With pencilcrayon you are cannot subtract intensity. Once a colour is applied, a white pencil crayon can be used to cover and lock in the colour. This often produces a more consistent, paint-like effect.

November 4th, 2015

January 2015

The Streets of Caen

(Operation Charnwood)

A black and white pencil crayon reproduction of a WW2 photograph taken during the Battle of Normandy.

Chapter 2

Vector Illustrations

Created using vector illustration software. Many of the compositions are manual stylizations of multiple photographs using hundreds of individual shapes. No aids were used to generate the shapes.

In these abstract pieces I was able to blend some raster content into the vector compositions. It is clear looking back that I had an interest in architecture.

Part of the challenge is knowing what you can safely omit, while retaining enough form to be recognizable.

Chapter 3

Digital Paint

(Cuba April 2013)

Created using Paper, an app for iPad that is so well done, it inspired me to create art again.

It was challenging to learn a new medium, especially having little experience with physical paint. These were created beside the pool at a resort. I plan to use one of them as a splash screen for an upcoming project.

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