Hi, I'm Terrill

I'm a Canadian engineering manager and software developer.

My specialty is payments, having spent the past 6 years building out the high velocity payment network in Cash App at Square. I lead the P2P, Commerce, and Access teams, together creating multiple products that move billions of dollars.

My programing specialty is web, but I have broad experience designing and building distributed systems. I've created projects spanning many waves of technology, including: web based mobile apps, single-page web apps, social networks, corporate websites, geo mapping, and 3D projection mapping.

On native mobile I have helped build social networking apps, multi-device apps, UI toolkits, NFC validators, and made significant contributions to intellectual property portfolios.

On the side I run the consultancy Goose Bay Co. that specializes in JavaScript heavy projects.

Sometimes I write, and I've spoken about web and mobile development around the world. Educated in CS at UWaterloo. See more in my portfolio.

Let's work together

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